About Publication Express

Our Publication Express Service is crafted to match expert assistants to researchers in order to maximize the scholar’s chance of publication. Publication Express puts together a team of experienced manuscript editors, format specialists, peer reviewers, and publication experts who are able to guide our clients through each and every step of the publication cycle in a much more efficient manner than a researcher could do alone.

According to different levels of need we provide our customers the choice of four packages offering the most comprehensive start-to- finish support or just help limited to specific areas of need.

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Publication support packages

Packages Advanced Editing Pre-submission Peer Review Journal Recommendation Journal Submission Post-acceptance/resubmission Support Pricing
Premium Express Included Included Included Included Included
Premium Included Not Included Included Included Not Included
Value Included Included Not Included Not Included Included
Express Not Included Not Included Included Included Not Included

Our advanced editing makes your paper ready for submission. It includes all necessary correction of grammar, spelling, typing, punctuation, usage, sentence structure, scientific terms, units and dimensions, inconsistency in significant figures, technical ambivalence, technical ambiguities, statements conflicting with general scientific knowledge, synopsis, content, index, headings and subheadings, data and chart presentation, and citations. After you revise your paper per the edits, we will proofread it again, making sure it is flawless.

Our standard pre-submission peer review process evaluates your work by 2 or 3 highly competent experts of similar academic background. The experts will offer feedback with prioritized actionable recommendations. By making suggested modifications, you will reach a higher standard of quality, improve performance, reduce time spent rewriting, and clearly communicate your paper’s contribution in order to submit your work in its most excellent form.

Our publication experts have worked extensively with publishers and journals and are well acquainted with their benchmarks. One of our experts from a similar academic background will assess the quality of your final manuscript. Considering your requirements, he/she will closely work with you in finding the most suitable shortlist of candidate journals.

After thoroughly preparing your manuscript to meet the journal’s standards, we will submit your manuscript to the journal on your behalf and draft the cover letter for you. We also communicate with journal editors on your behalf should any further fine-tuning in format or additional documents be required.

After you have been notified of the decision from the journal, we will help you assess the feedback from the journal reviewers, prioritize the revisions, and help you with your responses. Then we will edit your revised manuscript and finalize your paper for resubmission. In case of rejection, we will select a new journal, reformat your paper, and make a new submission for you.