1. Who are you guys ?

We are a professional team with expertise in a wide range of academic disciplines. We understand that our clients’ academic articles are the fruit of months or years of research. Out of respect, we deal with each document as the valuable and important work it is. We have qualified staff from different disciplines who take their job of maximizing your research impact and optimizing its presentation. All of our editors are native English speakers and hold graduate degrees. Many of us are PhDs. We have extensive experience in research and have developed scientific thinking through years of experience in academia and industry.

2. How long is your normal turnaround for editing/proofreading ?

We are committed to complete your work within 6 to 9 business days depending on the length of your work or by the agreed-upon deadline. We process short articles of 10 double-spaced pages in 4 business days.

If you require your full length work returned within 4 business days, please select “Expedited Service” when you submit your manuscript.

3. How long is your turnaround for reviewing ?

Our reviewing process usually takes one week as most of our reviewers are university faculty members. Or you can request a date and we will notify you if we can accommodate you. If so, your reviewed manuscript will be returned to you by the agreed-upon date.

4. Do you have translation service ?

Yes. We can translate papers written in French, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovakian and Chinese to English.

1. What do you cover with your editing service ?

We cover the following items in our editing service:

Correction of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and improper punctuation

Suggestions for word choices, sentence structure, and paragraph arrangement

Check for appropriate usage of terms, tense, subject/verb agreement, and plurals

Recommendations for organization

Language fluency and flow

2. What do you cover with your proofread service ?

We ensure that your work is free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and that it expresses your ideas effectively and clearly in perfect English.

We also check the format of headings, sub-headings, references, tables, graphs and figures.

3. What is your reviewing service ?

Through the years, we have worked closely with scholars worldwide, most of whom are on university faculties. From our list of scholars, we invite those who can best contribute to your success to be your reviewers. Thus your manuscript will be carefully reviewed by authorities in your field before you submit it to the journals.

They will review your submission as they would journal papers, and give recommendations for modifications. This will increase the chance of your paper being accepted by the journal of your choice the first time.

4. What do you not cover with your services ?

We do NOT add, delete, or edit the content of your scientific research.

We do NOT re-write any part of the manuscript.

Use of our service does NOT guarantee acceptance for publication.

1. Is my work safe with you ?

Confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you. Unpublished academic work is protected under the international copyright law.

We guarantee non-disclosure of your work to any third party unless required by law.

In addition, we go extra miles to ensure our system and working environment are equipped with latest security protecting technologies.

2. Is my personal information safe with you ?

We only keep your registered email address for record-keeping purposes, such as for our referral programs. We guarantee that we never give away any of your personal information to any third party.

You can always log on to our site and delete your account. This will remove all the information of you in our system.

Also, we don’t retain your credit card or your PayPal account information.

1. How do I pay you ?

We accept Credit Cards: including Visa and Master. We Do NOT support American Express or Discover at this time.

You are encouraged to use PayPal for online transfer. Ali-Pay is accepted for east-Asia users.

If you opt to use wire-transfer. Please wire to this account: